Gateway Series

Wood Stove

Gateway 3500

The Gateway 3500 is perfect for spacious homes or rooms. The standard no mess ash pan, simple one lever control, and air wash system allow for easy operation and maintenance. Several style options are available to ensure the Gateway 3500 complements any room.

Product Features

Key Features
Gateway 1700 Wood Stove
Durable Steel

5/16" thick steel top for
extended heat radiation

Gateway 1700 Wood Stove
Simple Control

East to use one-lever
control adjusts the burn rate

Gateway 1700 Wood Stove
No Mess Ash Pan

Easy to remove ash pan
with cover keeps dirt and
debris contained

Standard Features
  • Air Wash System
  • Door Latch
  • Secondary Combustion
  • High Heat Ceramic Baffle
  • Ceramic Glass Window
  • Firebrick Lined

Options and Accessories