Empire Stove

Effortless Heat

Empire Stove products are the simplest to use, thanks to the one-lever air control. This allows for effortless control of your fire from a roaring blaze to a slow burn. The no mess ash pan collects debris from the fire and allows you to easily remove it. Your glass window will stay clean with the integrated air wash system which uses hot air to clear debris from the glass.

Air Wash System

Hot air circulates through the stove and keeps dirt and debris from building up on the glass, maintaining clear view of the fire.


The included blower circulates heated air back into the living space instead of up your chimney.

Key Features

Door Latch

The heavy duty door latch ensures your door seals tight every time for an efficient burn.

Simple Control

Easy to use one-lever control adjusts the burn rate to optimize burn times.

Built to Last

Constructed with thick, 5/16-inch steel, Empire Stove products are built to last. Firebricks line the inside of the firebox for heat insulation and durability. The high heat ceramic baffle ensures optimal performance no matter how high the temperature rises. Our limited lifetime warranty provides protection, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Durable Steel

5/16” thick steel top allows for extended heat radiation and adds lasting durability.

Ceramic Glass

High temperature ceramic glass stands up to the changing temperatures inside the firebox.

Key Features

High Heat Baffle

TThe high heat ceramic baffle is made of high quality ceramic that won’t deteriorate.

Firebrick Lined

High-density firebricks line the interior of the firebox, allowing for closer clearances and more heat distribution into the room.